Forex Trading Robot

The best fully automatic capital management robot that you can easily determine the transaction volume just by entering the risk percentage. This robot acts as a shield against your capital and does not allow capital to be lost.

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Let’s Dive In Details


  • Automatic calculation of the volume of entry into the transaction
  • Percentage of risk relative to equity
  • Display the amount of profit and loss
  • Opening positions automatically without the need to manually open transactions
  • Automatic detection of transaction type (sell limit, sell stop, buy limit, buy stop, Market Execution)
  • Declaring risk to reward is inappropriate

Best Broker For Automated Trading Robots

  • As a EA developing company we have tested many brokers and have found that based on their high speed servers, low spreads which is the key in optimal EA performance and low commissions, ———— has become the broker of our choice


  • Metatrader4 demo or live account

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