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    Forex Trading Indicator Sharp Javelin is designed to provide accurate signals and is compatible with all timeframes. Description Sharp Javelin Forex Mt4 is our newly developed indicator that provides buy and sell signals for all the Forex pairs and works on any timeframe. Using the Sharp Javelin Indicator will help you in training to be a better trader in the long run and will help you to observe the chart's behaviors and to act on them correctly. features The first indicator is the direction of the trend. Nonrepaint. 78% verified signal accuracy. Pop up sound Alert (by turning on alert on in its setting). Great for beginners and professionals.
  • On Sale!
    How to install it? After completing your purchase and downloading the file, please send your demo or live MT4 account number to, request a license key, and insert the key in the indicator input settings to run the indicator. Note: You need to insert the key in the token section in the input tab of the indicators setting and after that go to the common tab and click Allow Dll Imports, then run it. Only Trade when the signal candle is closed, during open candle signals may vary.


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